One students photography collage of Creston depot, trains, and train tracks

Stop by the SWCC library when you have a chance to see the work of SWCC's fall 2023 digital photography students.

The projects you will see hanging in the library are the digital photography students' first projects. The course meets M-TH from 8:35-9:35 a.m. The project is exploring themes such as space, time, and location. The project is influenced by painter David Hockney’s creation of the “Joiner Collage.” Hockney would take hundreds of images of a single space and collage them together to use as reference images for his painting. They themselves gained quite a bit of attention because of how time is communicated with a medium that generally only frames a single moment in time.

The students were asked to find an off-campus location to take 100 images and curate their selections down to a minimum of 30 to display in a collage format of their choice. During critique, students were asked to describe their locations, how frequently they visited the spaces (different times of day), and why they chose to display the images in a particular fashion. The collages will remain in the library until the beginning of December.

Students and projects in the library include the following:

  • Rasha Phillips - Left-hand side of the bookcase
  • Tristian Mathisen - Right-hand side of the bookcase
  • Samira Baade - Above the fireplace
  • Abbi Richter - Glass Wall