Academic Advising

Academic advising will be a connecting point for you at Southwestern Community College. As a new student, initially you will most likely meet with a representative in the admissions office to develop your first schedule.  At that time you will be assigned an academic advisor.

At SWCC, we believe in the importance of academic advising, so every student is assigned an advisor in his or her academic area. Your advisor helps you plan your course of study and makes suggestions in your program planning. He or she may help you investigate careers as well. The advisor's role is to provide guidance.  It is up to you as a student to make the correct choices to graduate from your chosen academic program.

Advisors can be reached during office hours by email or phone. If you are unable to make contact with your advisor, you may want to send an email or call your advisor to set up an appointment.

Once you are assigned an advisor, plan to sign up for future semester classes with your academic advisor. Each semester before registering, do some thinking and planning. Review the college catalog to become familiar with your general education requirements and the policies and procedures of Southwestern. Your advisor can guide you in decision making, but the choices are yours to make.

It is your responsibility to seek out your advisor and make contact with him or her. Two specific times would be at midterm to discuss your grades and academic progress, then again when it is time to pre-register for the next semester’s classes.