As you prepare to meet with your advisor to complete your spring class schedule, be aware of some of the resources available on SWCC’s website. First, the Areas of Study page lists each program/degree offered at SWCC. On the programs page, you can find a link to the advising sheet for that program. For example, are you working toward your AA degree? Go to Areas of Study and click on Arts and Science College Transfer. From that page you will find a link to the degree sheet for the AA degree. You can print it off and mark the classes you have taken, to prepare for your meeting with your advisor.

Are you planning to transfer to one of the universities that SWCC has a partnership agreement with? Visit the partnership programs page to find out which universities are involved in partnership programs with SWCC, and get details on how to apply for those programs so you can start getting in on the benefits!

SWCC’s Transfer Planning page also has links to Course Equivalency Guides to look up how SWCC courses transfer to a variety of four-year colleges and universities. The Transfer Planning page also has a link to Transfer Guides by Major, which can help you plan your coursework for your AA degree to ensure a smooth transfer.

If you are planning to transfer to one of Iowa’s Regents Universities (Iowa, Iowa State, or UNI), is a website that allows students at Iowa’s Community Colleges to put in their community college courses and get a degree plan for their major at the Regent university.

These are all great online resources for students to use as they make their academic plans. Use your resources, meet with your advisor, and get registered for spring semester!