Summer General Registration Information

Student Registration Begins

  • Monday, Feb. 26 - Summer registration begins for career and technical education students
  • Thursday, Feb. 29 - Registration opens for all other students

Class Registration

  • Registration should include a conference with a faculty advisor and/or staff advisor. Students are urged to arrange for early conferences in planning for any future term.
  • The college reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or alter the meeting times of any course. Students must follow the drop/add procedure to add another course/section to replace the cancelled section.
  • A minimum class size may be required for all courses offered.
  • If you have registered and are unable to attend Southwestern, you must contact the registrar’s office to cancel your classes and charges.

Visiting Students

A visiting student is defined as the following:

  • A student enrolled at another college who plans to transfer credits back to his/her home college, or
  • A student who takes a course for personal or professional development and is not degree-seeking.

A visiting student must submit an application for admission and indicate he/she is visiting. In order to take a math or English course, the student must submit an official ACT or ACCUPLACER test score. Visiting students are not required to submit transcripts. A visiting student may take up to 10 credit hours per term at SWCC.


In addition to the many face-to-face courses provided by SWCC, currently more than 400 online classes are available. Many of them are listed in the online section of this schedule. For more information, visit and/or contact SWCC's distance education office at 641.782.1542.

Payment of Tuition/Fees

  • 2023-24 resident tuition and fees–$217 per credit*
  • 2023-24 non-resident and international tuition and fees–$224 per credit*
  • Online classes–$214 per credit*

Arrangements for payment of tuition and fees must be made with the business office, 641.782.1448, on or before the first day of the term.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Amounts listed above were current at time of printing. For more information on payment options, please contact the business office.

Charge Slips

Charge slips will be available starting May 6, 2024, for eligible students who have completed their financial aid requirements. Questions regarding status may be directed to the financial aid department at 641.782.1333 or 800.247.4023, ext. 333.

SWCC Shoppe

Students must bring their class schedules to the SWCC Shoppe to pick up books. Books may be purchased beginning May 6, 2024.

Student Technology

Students should visit the Student Technology page on SWCC's website to learn important information about student email, the SWCCyou portal, internet availability on campus, and technology in the library.


To learn about notification processes during college closings and/or emergencies, students should become familiar with the Emergency Procedures and Notifications page.  This page will also give instructions for signing up for SWCC's text message alert system.